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P.I.R. (Partners In Recovery ! )

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Monday, 14 April 2014 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM:

Shining Star program at the Lincoln Children's Museum !  Click on the link below for a flyer with more information:

Click here to print and share more information about the Shining Star Progam at the Lincoln Children's Museum !

The Lincoln Children's Museum is one of Lincoln's greatest attractions !  In a college town full of bars, restaurants and coffee shops, this is something special for children !



Click here for the Music of Mac McCune !

Click here for Mac's Obituary.

In the 12 step world there are no "Big Names". There are big people and big hearts and big souls. There is plenty of room for "big". But in the 12 step world no one trashes someone else's life. Each soul has equal worth. Every one gets to do what they are good at but never at the expense of someone else. Talent is a gift and a responsibility never a privilege.


Click here to go to view photo from the Art Show ! It was a great time ! Great Art, good people, tasty food and Ron celebrated another birthday ! :)


Paige Namuth in her studio:




The art of Partner's kids:



This is where we begin to heal and repair broken hearts and broken lives!


2501 South Street
Lincoln NE 68502

(402) 470-0025


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This needs to be taught in treatment centers: If someone gets a home group and is a sponsor, their chances of being sober 10 years from now are 91 percent. This is the ONLY predictor of long term sobriety. - Paige Namuth

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