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Partners In Recovery


Since 1993, Partners in Recovery Programs were designed to build relationships, build community, inspire growth and practice principals of recovery and sound mental health.

Partners in Recovery is a catalyst for change and spiritual growth, creating partnerships that nurture people.

Partners in Recovery has art shows and musical events to support and encourage people to engage in creative activities.

We have a writiers group and writers Salon encouraging people to write their own stories.

We have family events to promote healing for whole families.

We hold forums promoting psychological, spiritual and economic development.

We believe recovery is joyful

Over 500 children of alcoholic or addicted parents have found friends, fun and solice.

People in recovery contribute much to the safety, creativity and vibrancy of our communiity.

Partners in Recovery Foundation was started by a family to help other families overcome the negative effects of alcoholism, addiction and mental illness and find the road of of happiness, love, understanding and unselfishess that leads to peace.


This needs to be taught in treatment centers: If someone gets a home group and is a sponsor, their chances of being sober 10 years from now are 91 percent. This is the ONLY predictor of long term sobriety. - Paige Namuth